About Us

Babgencel GmbH innovates superior products for the complete solution of general and hospital hygiene requirements with infection control.

Babgencel GmbH is the autorization holder for all products in Europe with 18 trademarks .

Babgencel GmbH has 21 biocidal product s species for professional , industrial and consumer use in the form of solutions and wet wipes .

Our mission is to achieve better prevention of infections by helping society to continuously improve general and hospital hygiene.

We care the world and next generations

We are working for innovative and sustainable technology development, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

We are a proactive team

We are a proactive and flexible team to adapt quickly to the changing world and new trends

We are the ones who enable others

We have ideas for people and help through our performance and know-how to better manage preventive tasks in an intelligible and effective way.

We are customer oriented

As a competent partner for healthcare professionals and customers, we investigate the requirements of our customers,  we provide flexibility and foresight.

We know our business

We employ our hygiene competence, our quality products, our services and our well-founded advice for the good of mankind and sustainability

What we do?

•    We are transforming disruptive disinfection / hygiene technology into meaningful product applications to reduce healthcare acquired infections for better quality of life.

•    We are dedicated applying highest quality standards in producing and distributing innovative products with long lasting, ecological and user-friendly design.

•    We are anticipating the future needs of our customers and our people.

•    We have a large product diversity with application of new technologies on product design and customer -oriented solutions.

BABGENCEL Brand Product Groups:

  • Surface & Floor Disinfection
  • Airborne Disinfection
  • Medical Instruments/Device Disinfection
  • Instrument Care Wash Products
  • Preoperative Skin Preparation
  • Hand Disinfection
  • Dental Products
  • Disinfection Wipes