Aldehyde Free - Phenol Free
Alcohol Base
Effective in 30 sec.


  • Description
    Alcoholic Rapid Disinfectant for Medical Instruments

       Ecodent  is a ready for use rapid disinfectant which can be used on dentistry instruments safely with its fast drying and efficient formula. With the combined effect of quaternary ammonium compound and alcohols in the preparation it provides very fast, reliable and broad spectrum disinfection . Compatible with all medical environment except which are sensitive to alcohol . Biodegradable in the nature . Ecodent doesn’t cause rust ,corrosion and stains on the instruments applied, contains corrosion inhibitors

    Composition                                          %(w/w)

    Ethanol 50,0
    Didecyldimethylammoniumchloride 0,05
    Anticorrosive agents

    Antimicrobial Properties
    • Bactericidal(Inc. Tb – MRSA )
    • Fungicidal
    • Virus Inactivating (HBV, HCV, HIV,BVDV)
    Range of Application

    Ecodent is used in the disinfection of ;

    • Manuel dentistry instruments, stethoscopes , surgical instruments and all  kinds of medical devices / inventory resistant to alcohol with directive 93/42/EEC