R&D, Quality

Product Quality

Disinfection calls for trust!

The microbiological efficacy and application dose of BABGENCEL products are tested and approved by notified bodies and reference laboratories in Europe. All products are carefully designed according to European Biocidal Products Regulations and CDC Guidelines.

R&D Activities

  To be able to develop the most efficient, safe and eco-friendly formulations regular R&D activities are regularly performed by our scientists.
  Microbiology and disinfectant efficacy tests according to European Norms are performed in our laboratories in the way of accreditation.
  Highest Standarts in Production

Quality Control in;

  •  Raw Materials
  •  Packagings
  •  Semi-products
  •  Products
  •  Final Products
  •  Clean Room Practices
  •  Storages
  •  Logistic
  •  Documentation
  •  Sales&Marketing System

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