Trisalva Spray

Trisalva Spray

Aldehyde Free
Phenol Free
Alcohol Free

Trisalva Spray

  • Description
    Rapid Disinfectant for Surface Disinfection

      Trisalva Spray is a new generation disinfectant which can be used on medical surfaces safely with its fast and efficient formula.  With the synergy affect quaternary ammonium compounds in the preparation it provides rapid, reliable and broad spectrum disinfection even in the high organic dirt conditions without pre-cleaning. It accomplishes the cleaning and disinfection requirements at one step. User friendly, sensitive to skin and compatible with all sensitive medical surfaces. Biodegradable in the nature. Removes unpleasant odor. Does not contain volatile ingredients.
    Trisalva Spray doesn't cause rust ,corrosion and stains on the surfaces applied.
    It contains corrosion inhibitors, compatible with acrylic glass .

    Composition                                          %(w/w)

    Alkylethyldimethyl benzyl ammoniumchloride       0,36
    Didecyldimethylammoniumchloride                       0,54
    Tensides, corrosion inhibitors,esscence

    Antimicrobial Properties
    • Bactericidal
    • Fungicidal
    • Virus Inactivating (HBV, HCV, HIV, Vaccinia)
    Range of Application

    Trisalva Spray is used for the disinfection  of medical inventory and surfaces  in ;

    • Patient-related environment, in hospital, practices, dental clinics, outpatient clinics and care areas, ambulances.
    • Textile and furniture surfaces
    • Food and drink industry, pharmaceutical industry, veterinary practice